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Hong Kong & Macau

Logistic Service

Hong Kong & Macau Removal Brief

Hoi Tong has over 20 year of experience. Over the years, we provide Hong Kong-Macau Home/Office Removal, International Removal, Hong Kong-China Removal, Local Home/Office Removal, and Cold supply chain services.

Understanding the needs of customers, we offer one stop transportation services. Besides typical transportation service, such as luggage delivery, document handling, customs clearance and safe keeping etc., we give price estimation, packing material, even de-packing and waste handling and dumping. Also, assembly and dis-assembly

services, every step of the way.

Why Choosing us?



  • One Stop Service
    We provide Hong Kong to Macau, China and overseas removal service. Customer can be sure we will handle the whole process well.
  • Quality Packing Service
    Our experienced stuff will pack customer's properties in an protessional way to make sure they are well protected.

  • Multi-Language Support
    Care Team can speak Cantonese, Mandarin and English so customers instruction are understood.

Preparation Before Removal



Removal is not a routine, it take place maybe once I a serval years. Hoi Tong strongly recommend customers should get more than two price estimation on site before making decision. Then, customer can set a budget for removal. Don’t trust estimation over the phone or you may get into a trap that “RAPE YOU UP”. Reasonable price is better than the lowest price.

One Month Before Removal:

1. Get rid of the old things that you don’t want to keep.

2. Plan your new home.

3. Tell your relatives and friends your new contacts.


The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Service Hotline : 2880-6988 or process on online

CLP Power Service Hotline : 2678-2678 or process on online

Hongkong Electric Company Service Hotline : 2887-3411 or process on online

Water Supplies Department Service Hotline : 2824-5000 or process on online


* It is important to note the weather conditions before the removal . If there's a typhoon rainstorms, Typhoon Signal          No.8 will be canceled and new arrangements will be made. *

Process of Removal
Contact us
Deliver Packing Materials 
Moving Out
Destination Arrival
Furniture Installation
Waste Handling
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